Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Clean Up in San Francisco

This commercial clean up in San Francisco CA was the result of bird feces and garbage thrown from civilians. Our customer called us and asked how soon we would ... READ MORE

Bio Hazarded clean up in San Mateo CA

This Bio clean up was a result of someone leaving feces in the outside of a store. Our customer called as soon as she was aware of the situation. Notice how in ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in San of Mateo

This Microbial Growth in San Mateo, CA was a result of undetected water damage. Customer previously contacted us due to a water damage that turned into a mold r... READ MORE

Mold Clean Up in San Mateo CA

This microbial growth was caused by a previous water damage that was not detected on time. We previously performed services in this hotel due to a water damage ... READ MORE

Fire Damage In San Mateo, CA

This fire job in San Mateo was caused by an electrical wire microwave. The whole house was damaged, not severally but it was. Here in the pictures you can see t... READ MORE

Northern California Wild Fires

This House in Santa Rosa Ca, was one of many homes that suffered damages caused by the Northern California Wild Fires. Luckily Mrs. Traverso house had minor dam... READ MORE

Northern California Wild Fires

This house was stroked with the most deadliest wild fires known. Mrs. Ford was lucky her house wasn't affected as others where. But still got hit with the ... READ MORE

Water Damage In San Mateo CA

This water damaged occurred in a apartment complex where the washer over flooded in the second floor and caused damages to that floor and the bottom floor. On t... READ MORE

Northern California Wild Fires

Mr. Wetzel's was a victim of the deadliest wild fires in state history. Luckily his house was only damages by smoke and soot. Mr. Wetzel was stil... READ MORE

Northern California Wild Fires

These Wild Fires are still under investigation, But have been known to be the deadliest wildfire in state history. Our Client Paula Steinle was a victim of thes... READ MORE