What our Customers say...


We had a water damage in our store "Ross Dress for Less" caused by the bathroom toilet overflowing. there was dirty water everywhere I quickly called these guys SERVPRO of San Mateo, They responded with in a couple of minutes of me contacting them. Had there crew here ready to do what had to be done. They cleaned the bathroom and removed standing water in hallway. They also sanitized everything. All this in only a couple of hours was finished! I was thrilled with there work performed. The gentlemen's that where here Fabian and Jose, Wow they sure know how to work as a team and get things done!! Thank You so much guys great job! Keep up your excellent work SERVPRO

I had a terrible fire loss in my home, due to the oven. As I'm sure you may imagine it was bad! There was smoke all over my house and my kitchen got ruined. I was devastated we had just remodeled the kitchen one year prior to the incident. I contact my insurance and the y gave me SERVPRO of San Mateo's phone number I called them around 5:30 in the afternoon, Carolina took my call and she was so nice, she asked me questions regarding the house and what had happened I tried to respond to all her questions but I was so devastated she understood me. She had her project manager Fabian come and perform a inspection. Fabian was really helpful, he told me they would sent out a estimate with in the next 24 hours and he sent it that same night around 10. Wow! These guys are amazing. I am really thankful to have found such an awesome team. Needless to say I am 100% satisfied with their work.  

I have no words to say how thankful I am to have found SERVPRO of San Mateo. We had a water Damage in our Hotel due to a sprinkler. We called SERVPRO at around 12 midnight they were there by 1:30am. Worked fast in removing any water lift carpet, they even removed baseboards that same night! I am thrilled with there work. Anthony Pacheco and Jose Garcia are awesome!! They were so polite and respectful. They even walked me threw to every room and showed me and explained what had been done. I would most definitely recommend these guys to ANYONE. I am content with their work and their ethics.

Once again thank you SERVPRO of San Mateo!!!  

SERVPRO Of San Mateo has done a great job for us! They are very professional and responsible. Fabian has been a great Tech. He always followed up and made sure were getting good service. Carolina has been great at getting the job done and making sure it is done right.  Our fire damage San Mateo was taken care of quickly.

Well done SERVPRO of San Mateo, Thanks for your great service.

Thank you so much SERVPRO Of San Mateo for you fast response when my grill caught my porch on fire. I am fascinated with how everything turned out and the time it took to finish. Jose Garcia was a very good technician. He explained step by step what was going to be done. Once again thank you so much. 

Fire Damage SERVPRO Of San Mateo taken care of.

The difference between a company "in the business" and a company that "knows their business" is how they react under pressure and the recent rain storms in December 2016 certainly brought pressure to bear.
We arrived to our business one morning after being gone for ten days only to discover that our atrium drain had become blocked and the rain water flooded the atrium and two rooms in our restaurant. The next day I contacted SERVPRO of San Mateo and, as luck would have it, Fabian was working right down the street. He came to our house, assessed the situation and laid out a plan of action. In the meantime, rain came down by the bucket and Fabian became the most popular man in town.
Long story short, Fabian got things under control in short order and provided us with name and numbers of contractors to put things back in order. Complete restoration is going to be a long process but the fact that we're dry and free of mold is the best first step.

I had a flood when I was out of town for Christmas and insurance told me to contact a restoration company,  thankfully I found these guys.  All I have to say is look no further they are a class act, Fabian the project manager came out and assessed the situation and went straight to work with his team.  He was very easy to work with and explained the process in its entirety.    As you can imagine, the stress involved in dealing with water damage is no fun but he seamlessly eased the situation.  My place is now dry and we're ready for reconstruction.  

Thanks and keep up the good work SERVPRO of San Mateo can't go wrong with them.

I would recommend these guys to anyone. I have been raving about them every chance I get with my friends. Fabian and Stephen are trustworthy people who care about their clients.

Long story short: Another damage restoration company came to my place after a fire/flooding we had in our condo. That other company tried to take advantage of me by basically proposing to tear my entire home down. I had a gut feeling this other company was not treating me well, so I searched yelp and found SERVPRO of San Mateo and called just to get a second opinion.  

__Calling SERVPRO was BEST decision I've made in a very long time___

Fabian stop by the next day and assessed the situation and quickly told me what I needed to do. He actually was embarrassed of the other companies quote which was 30x more than what SERVPRO ended up charging me. I hired SERVPRO on the spot and sent the other company a short email with notifying them I wouldn't need their estimate.

SERVPRO was flexible, knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. I can't stress this enough. Having someone who you can trust is by far the most important part of any project. I would hire them again for sure.

SERVPRO is whom we refer all our insurance customers when in need of clean-up and repairs.  The staff at SERVPRO of San Mateo are professional and prompt. Carolina is the best. They are dedicated to keeping our customers happy. My clients always thank me for suggesting SERVPRO of San Mateo.  I even had them do some mold remediation work at my house.  

We had smoke damage throughout our house in San Francisco and not ever having experience with this, I thought, "Wipe it down, vacuum carpets with baking soda, do 40 loads of laundry, sleep with windows open a few days."

After a few miserable days and nights with that attempt and wondering if my house and belongings were all ruined forever, I called a local restoration company, paid a lot of money out of pocket, and the entire house smelled as dreadfully as it had before.

Discussing our situation at work, someone said to my husband:  "SMOKE DAMAGE...are you crazy?  You can't clean it yourself and you must work with a top quality restoration company.  We used SERVPRO and there is NO ONE else you should call."

I called my insurance company and told them what had transpired and about the company I had hired.  My adjuster wasn't surprised when he heard that the house was still a disaster.  I told him we'd then been referred to SERVPRO. He confirmed that that was THE company to call.

I called SERVPRO and spoke with Fabian...one of the best calls I've ever made.  Truly, from the moment he took charge of the situation, I started to feel relief--and soon felt joy--that everything would be back to normal.

Fabian is professional, punctual, dependable, and kind.  But it goes further with this SERVPRO San Mateo team:  all the staff are that way.  I was surprised every day with some conscientious way the team went beyond the call of duty to get our house back to normal ASAP and to make us feel cared for in the process.

I had an amazing experience with this company at my home in San Francisco. They came out then I had a pipe break in my kitchen. They are very professional Fabian is amazing and very responsive when you call. His team is amazing and takes care of your stuff when packing. I love this company. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Fabian came over to help me today. The water supply line for the toilet on the first floor sprung a major leak and within 30 minutes had flooded half of the first floor of the house. He talked to my landlord as well as her insurance agent (whom he actually knew from other engagements). He is helping us get the flooring and the kitchen island replaced, as well as the affected insulation from inside the walls. He worked with the landlord to ensure that we were able to get hotel rooms as we cannot stay in the house due to the cleanup work; the landlord agreed to cover the hotel expenses.

Thank you to SERVPRO San Mateo again.

SERVPRO of San Mateo is the BEST! We live in San Mateo and we experienced major water damage in our home and within two hours of calling our insurance company, Fabian and his team were at our house and beginning the clean up and assessing the damage.  I'm not sure what we would have done without them!
Fabian's team came into our home in the following days to pack us up and our furniture and boxes into storage.
Fabian continues to manage the project, working with the insurance adjuster, environmental company and contractor.  He is quick to respond and he and his team treat us and our belonging like we are family to them!
You want Fabian and his team working with you when the unimaginable happens! I'm so glad they are there for us!

We recently had a ceiling leak at our business. Fabian and his crew came to the rescue.
We have had other damage control companies come in the past, but felt that Fabian and his crew from SERVPRO were compassionate about the situation and the work they do. They even waited over an hour until they started their work so our clients could finish their sessions.
I felt at ease knowing they were "on the job". and they use state of the art equipment.
We would recommend you call SERVPRO over any other damage control company.

Fabian and his team were fantastic. Got home Sunday night to find finished basement flooded. Called SERVPRO, Fabian returned my call immediately and was there within an hour with 4 colleagues. They were kind, reassuring, worked hard and fast. Fabian walked me through the process - calling insurance, etc. Fabian was always available to me. The contractor was so impressed with the job they did.

A wonderful group!

I've always had great experience working with Fabian and the rest of the staff, they're attentive to my clients needs, personable and always stay in touch with both me as a State Farm Agent and my clients.  I know when I refer business to Fabian, I'm always going to be taken care of and my clients get the best of care as well. Thanks to Fabian and SERVPRO.

Thanks to Paul and Fabian.   They were fast and professional.  I can't say enough good things about the company.  My insurance company recommended them and helped me with my water damage.  They cleaned our mess up in 2 hours in the middle of the night.  SERVPRO of San Mateo is a great company to go with.

These guys are the best at what they do... I had major water damage in my house and they came in right away with a plan to address the issue.  Fabian was my project manager, absolutely wonderful and professional.  He was there for me every step of the way, answered all of my calls no matter the time, could not have asked for a better manager to handle my situation.  I highly recommend Fabian and his team.  Thank you guys, could not have gotten through my terrible situation without you!!

These guys work hard, anytime you get a chance to buy them coffee or lunch, please do so, they too often work through lunch and multiple jobs a day.

SERVPRO was recommended to us by our neighbors and they are awesome!!
We were dealing with a water leak from an old and malfunctioning gutter (I'll pass you the details). We noticed the issue on Saturday. The water had made it to my son's bedroom wall. I called 3 other companies and all I got was an answering machine. Funny how those things always happen on the weekend!
SERVPRO was SUPER responsive. Fabian called me back within a few hours and came the next day to assess the damage. Allen and his crew helped me every step of the way! They set up equipment to dry the room right away. They are nice, understanding, and reassuring. We all know how stressful those situations are. Having someone that is NOT trying to take advantage of the situation is so important! Fabian is just that! A good guy that will do his best to help you out! Those guys have a ton of experience and have seen it all. They deal with the insurance company and take the right steps to get you out of troubles.
Highly recommended. We hope we won't have anymore issues with the house, but If we do, we will call them again without a doubt.

I had a new dishwasher installed recently and the installer didn't connect the water line properly.  It ended up flooding our kitchen floor and ruined my hardwood floors.  Insurance paid for the damages but it was a really stressful experience.  The adjuster recommended I use SERVPRO of San Mateo to dry out my floors and they ended up minimizing the damages and saving a portion of the floors.  Even though the water damage and flooding were stressful, SERVPRO San Mateo saving a portion of my floors was a silver lining.  

We live in a 1950's era house in Hillsborough CA.  I guess the roof needs repairing because water got in between our walls and caused a lot of mold damage.   We went to SERVPRO.com and found a location near us in San Mateo.  We called SERVPRO of San Mateo and they came out and bid us for some mold clean up.  We got 2 other bids but SERVPRO's was a bit cheaper.  SERVPRO cleaned up the mold and was very professional.  Thank you again.

The recent storms in Burlingame California (San Mateo County) caused our crawlspace to fill up with 12 inches of standing water.  It almost damaged our   We called SERVPRO and they came out the next day.  They pumped the water out and dried out the crawlspace in 3 days.  It was a really stressful situation as we had just purchased our home 3 months ago.  Thank you again to SERVPRO.

I called them and they took care of some water that spilled out of my mothers busted water heater at her home in Burlingame. They responded within an hour.

Had a mold issue at a rental unit of mine(two to be exact), so I called these guys. They cleaned it up and it passed inspection afterward. Would use again.

These guys are great, my crawl space beneath my place had slowly filled with water from a small leaky pipe over a period of time. The crew responded promptly & arrived that day to pressure wash the area and have it sprayed down with chemicals to prevent any future mold growth. It saved me a lot of hassle having professionals do this job for me. Also, the price was on the cheaper side compared to another company I had received an estimate from. I would highly recommend.

Had an issue when in the San Mateo area earlier this year. Very quick and very helpful, would recommend!

The communication was a little slow at times when confirming the time, but the service itself was excellent. We had a garage that used to house an auto shop, so it was covered in... who knows what. It was never going to come completely clean, but after SERVPRO, it looks much better than it did before and we can feel a lot safer using it now.

A pipe connected to my mom's water heater broke and flooded her garage. Logan at SERVPRO San Mateo was really helpful and responsive. They extracted the water and set up a lot of fans. He showed me where the walls were affected and dried the garage and walls. When he was finished he showed me how dry everything was with his moisture meter. Thank you very much Logan and SERVPRO, you really helped out during an anxious situation.