Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flood in Menlo Park, CA

This flood in Menlo Park, CA was the result of a pipe bursting in the street. The main water line burst to caused water, sand & mud to impact the driveway, ... READ MORE

Water damage in San Mateo, CA

This water damage in the dining room windows was the result of water seeping through the walls during the rainy seasons. Notice the amount of the water damage c... READ MORE

Sink Water Loss in San Mateo, CA

This Water Damaged bathroom in San Mateo, CA was the result of a leaking Sink pipe. This loss caused for an entire vinyl Flooring remediation due to the extent ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in San Mateo, CA

This Basement flood was caused by a Water Heater Leakage, the entire basement was flooded and caused a massive water damage. Water needed to be pumped out to th... READ MORE

Water Loss in the Bay Area

This home was affected by the Water Heater causing for water to leak out and damage the hard wood floor. This Bay Area Water Loss was responded to so quickly wh... READ MORE

Water Damage Ceiling Remediation

The ceiling water damage to this basement was caused by the clean toilet water supply line. The bathroom was located right above the basement. Water supply line... READ MORE

Water Damage - Toilet Overflowed Water

This water damage home in San Mateo, CA was caused by a toilet overflow on the second floor as the Homeowners were out and didn’t realize damage until a w... READ MORE

Water Damage San Mateo

In this set of photos we have a water damage from an overflowed bathtub which affected the floor and subfloor. SERVPRO of San Mateocrew was able to remove the f... READ MORE

Water Damage Kitchen Remediation

In this picture the upstairs bathroom sink pipe is leaking into the kitchen on an exterior wall. Drywall is saturated in kitchen ceiling above sink and exterior... READ MORE

San Mateo Appliance Water Damage

In this San Mateo Home This resident Experienced a Dish Washer leakage Upon the inspection Our Highly Experienced team we have sectioned kitchen exterior drywal... READ MORE

San Mateo CAT. 3 Water Damage

In this San Mateo Home Lives an engaged couple soon to be married, as for your every couple and wedding plannings Couples tend to stress for perfection on the m... READ MORE

Water Damage in Mountain View

This Roof Leak in Mountain View Californian was a result of Water Damage- seam of exhaust on roof, water leaked in 2nd floor, heat vent in Master bathroom into ... READ MORE

shower tube over flow San Mateo

This water loss was caused by a over flow of the bathroom tub upstairs. Water was able to mitigate rapidly affecting 7 rooms in the home. Ms. Bobson's adjuster... READ MORE

Fire Hydrant Burst in San Mateo Neighborhood

In this San Mateo neighborhood, a neighbor crashed into a fire hydrant and caused the hydrant to burst. As the water continued to come out, it traveled with pre... READ MORE

Water Damage San Mateo

This water damage in San Mateo occurred when the refrigerator water line had a leak. affecting kitchen, dining room and living room. The laminate flooring, cabi... READ MORE