Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage - Toilet Overflowed Water

This water damage home in San Mateo, CA was caused by a toilet overflow on the second floor as the Homeowners were out and didn’t realize damage until a w... READ MORE

Water Damage San Mateo

When water damage affects your San Mateo home, call us at 650-931-6060 and we can take care of any problem, large or small.  In this set of photos we ... READ MORE

Mold Removal Oakland Ca

In these pictures you see a building in process of construction until the weather decide to get a bit rainy. As for the building Construction workers were worki... READ MORE

Bio Hazarded clean up in San Mateo CA

This Bio clean up was a result of someone leaving feces in the outside of a store. Our customer called as soon as she was aware of the situation. Notice how in ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in San of Mateo

This Microbial Growth in San Mateo, CA was a result of undetected water damage. Customer previously contacted us due to a water damage that turned into a mold r... READ MORE

Water Damage Kitchen Remediation

In this picture the upstairs bathroom sink pipe is leaking into the kitchen on an exterior wall.Drywall is saturated in kitchen ceiling above sink and exterior ... READ MORE

Fire Damage In San Mateo, CA

This fire job in San Mateo was caused by an electrical wire microwave. The whole house was damaged, not severally but it was. Here in the pictures you can see t... READ MORE

San Mateo Bio Hazard Cleaning

In this San Mateo complexes workers were installing a new shower Glass door. As the worker was installing the glass door one of his tools on his tool belt hit t... READ MORE

San Mateo Appliance Water Damage

In this San Mateo Home This resident Experienced a Dish Washer leakage Upon the inspection Our Highly Experienced team we have sectioned kitchen exterior drywal... READ MORE

Fire in Building being Constructed in the Bay Area

In this Bay Area Building was a minor fire, the cause of the fire was some wiring cables that were loose started sparking and cause the fire to lite up. The fir... READ MORE