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Restoration and Emergency Services

12/18/2018 (Permalink)


When disaster strikes your home or business, there’s more at stake than a financial loss. Dealing with the aftermath of water, fire, smoke, mold, and other disaster-related damage takes an emotional toll as well. SERVPRO of San Mateo certified emergency restoration technicians are fast to respond, compassionate, and have the knowledge and training to restore your life - back to normal. 


Many restoration companies claim to do emergency restoration work. But before you trust your home or business to just any restoration service provider, look for an experienced company with proven disaster restoration expertise.

The only restoration company with 51 years of experience, SERVPRO of San Mateo has the specialized knowledge and technical expertise to thoroughly and properly complete restoration cleaning without costly mistakes. Rely on our disaster restoration experts to:

  • Respond quickly to your call for disaster restoration services 24hours a day, 7 days a week to minimize damage and potential health risks.
  • Expertly clean up property damaged by fire, smoke, broken pipes, water damage mold, flooding, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events.
  • Return your property to preloss condition as quickly and completely as possible - backed by our industry-best guarantee.
  • Work closely with your insurance company to help process claims and answer questions in a timely manner.
  • Keep you in the loop during every step of the disaster restoration process and provide clear documentation of our progress and results.

SERVPRO of San Mateo is close by and ready to respond to your cleaning or restoration needs. We are proud to be an active member of the San Mateo, CA community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

SERVPRO of San Mateo proudly serves San Mateo and other Cities in the Bay Area.

Emergency Services Response

12/14/2018 (Permalink)

This Photo was taken Upon arrival, It shows no damage but it shows the time of day our emergency team arrived to the job site.

With SERVPRO of San Mateo by your side, you can count on complete restoration, remediation, and services, available 24/7. No matter the size of the job, we're here to help.

Our 24-hour emergency response service can perform duties such as:

  • Immediate response to fire and water damage, smoke damage, debris removal, and board-ups,
  • On-location cleaning, pack-outs for off-site cleaning and storage, document restoration and preservation
  • Mold removal, bio-hazard clean up
  • Complete demolition

Fire and Smoke Damage 

When a fire or smoke emergency occurs, ensuring the safety of your home or business is our most immediate concern. Within hours of notification, SERVPRO of San Mateo emergency response team will be on-site to secure your property so that the structure and its contents are left in place for the insurance company’s inspection. We first board up any building openings that were damaged either by the fire department or the fire itself – such as entry doors, garage doors, and windows. Next, we properly secure the property to prevent vandalism and theft. We also make sure that we protect your liability from injuries that could occur when someone enters a severely damaged structure.

Poised to Respond

We tackle jobs of all sizes, from minor water leaks affecting a single room in a private residence to catastrophic losses requiring environmental remediation, demolition of commercial structures.

Get Over Disaster Faster With A Business Recovery Plan

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

Prepare for Emergencies with A Recovery Plan

Emergency management officials often say that the best time to prepare for disaster is before any threat is on the horizon. Being proactive by creating and testing a disaster plan for your business allows you to have everything needed in place, increasing the odds that your company will survive the storm and be able to get back to business quickly after a catastrophe. There are several things you need to do when crafting a disaster recovery plan.


Some disasters are universal; for example, fire is always a threat. The risk of other disasters, like hurricanes or earthquakes, varies depending on your location. First, determine what types of disaster are most likely to impact your business. Then, identify how various disasters would affect your operations and plan accordingly. Emergency management agencies in your area are a good resource.


Review your insurance and make certain that you understand exactly what it covers. Does it provide sufficient compensation for physical losses? Will you be able to restore crucial materials and equipment? Is flood damage covered? What about business interruption?


Certain business functions are absolute necessities. Who and what will you need in order to keep things functioning in the wake of a disaster? Work up a list of responsibilities and assign them to your employees so that everyone is prepared to respond effectively.


Communications often break down in a crisis, so it is important that you have a plan in place. Draft a list of emergency contacts and store it in multiple locations. Know who will provide notifications and how they will do so.


Make it standard procedure to back up all critical data regularly. Backups should be stored in an off-site location. Copies of insurance policies, legal papers and other important records should also be stowed safely.


Prepare to protect your technology by developing a recovery plan for your information technology. Make certain that it includes a way to regain Internet access, resource requirements, data restoration plans, and procedures for the recovery of computers, wireless devices, networks, servers, apps and your data.


What happens if a disaster renders your location unusable? What arrangement would allow you to keep operating? Is telecommuting a possibility? Would you rent facilities or temporarily share space with other businesses?


What suppliers and other businesses are vital to your operations? Identify alternative vendors so that you will know where to turn if a regular one is unable to deliver due to an emergency. In addition, identify a restoration company that can help you get your company’s premises back to normal. 
Every emergency is unique, and following the directives of the emergency management authorities in your area is essential for the safety of you and your employees. When it’s time to begin the recovery process, count on SERVPRO. With more than 16,500 franchises, we have the resources necessary to get the job done so that you can get back to business. We can respond quickly with highly trained restoration technicians who employ specialized techniques and equipment to restore your business or home back to pre-disaster condition.
Contact SERVPRO today to request our assistance or learn more about our disaster recovery options, storm damage cleanup and restoration services.