Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Gas Station Mold Remediation After

After removing all the microbial growth the air was cleaned and walls were sanitized and ready for a new paint job to seal the stain. Once work was completed the customers were happy and pleased to see their business can continue without any further health hazards.

Gas Station Mold Remediation Before

Upon arriving to the job site we found that the gas station had a water leak in the roof which caused a mold growth to form. There was significant microbial growth to be removed throughout the commercial building so we had to use the HEPA sand to remove all growth. Once the ceilings were sanitized and air was clean with our air filtration devices the business was ready for fresh paint.

Mold Growth Before

Mold growth before remediation work has taken place. Notice the substantial mold growth on this raw wood.  Mold growth of this nature poses a health hazard and must be remediated thoroughly by professionals

Mold Growth After

Mold growth after remediation work was complete.  Relative to the before picture, there are no more visible mold colonies and the mold does not pose a health hazard any further.  Anti microbial spray was also applied so that further mold cannot grow.

Dentist Office Work Before

Extensive mold growth was found at a dentists office in San Mateo.  Given the public nature of the office the mold clean up had to be taken care of as quickly as possible.  SERVPRO San Mateo did a thorough job and took care of the issue.

Dentist Office Work After

Dentist Office Mold Remediation


In order to remediate the mold issue once and for all, an encapsulate was applied after sanding and HEPA vacuuming.  Here is the after photo above.