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Water Damage Testimonials

Called SERVPRO of San Mateo because I had a leaking sink that was causing mold, and their crew came that same day to fix the affected area right away! Thanks, SERVPRO of San Mateo

Special thanks to SERVPRO of San Mateo for helping me with my water damage due to a failed water heater.  My insurance company sent them out and they were awesome - professional, great customer service, responsive to phone calls (telephone calls answered promptly) and wonderful onsite employees to work with. They took great care not to remove fans too early, testing the moisture level of the affected areas frequently so we would not have mold in the future. I especially enjoyed working with the office who helped pack up my items to be stored off the property and then helped unpack after my home was ready after repair. Carolina went above and beyond in trying to meet our needs/requests. She and all the people at SERVPRO of San Mateo crew were fantastic. I would highly recommend this company!

I have a second home in Richmond CA. We had the unfortunate incident in having a pipe burst in the laundry room. Since we didn't find out for a few days half the first floor was damaged. The team at SERVPRO of San Mateo came out right away and got the job done. The place looks better than the original. Thank you, guys! I will be sure to pass along this info to anyone I know needing any work done.

I had a roof leak at my home in Burlingame causing significant water damage to two rooms in home. SERVPRO of San Mateo was contacted by my homeowners insurance to mitigate water damage. Fabian, Daniel and Francisco were my angels for several days!! They had to remove all room contents and they did it so carefully and neatly. Equitment was set into rooms for a few days in order to dry the walls etc. Fabian the project manager kept me updated every day with progress and what to expect next. All three gentlemen have a tremendous work ethic,very professional but so kind and thoughtful also. Thank you so much SERVPRO of San Mateo!

Fabian came over to help me today. The water supply line for the toilet on the first floor sprung a major leak and within 30 minutes had flooded half of the first floor of the house. He talked to my landlord as well as her insurance agent (whom he actually knew from other engagements). He is helping us get the flooring and the kitchen island replaced, as well as the affected insulation from inside the walls. He worked with the landlord to ensure that we were able to get hotel rooms as we cannot stay in the house due to the cleanup work; the landlord agreed to cover the hotel expenses.

Thank you to SERVPRO San Mateo again.

SERVPRO of San Mateo is the BEST! We live in San Mateo and we experienced major water damage in our home and within two hours of calling our insurance company, Fabian and his team were at our house and beginning the clean up and assessing the damage.  I'm not sure what we would have done without them!
Fabian's team came into our home in the following days to pack us up and our furniture and boxes into storage.
Fabian continues to manage the project, working with the insurance adjuster, environmental company and contractor.  He is quick to respond and he and his team treat us and our belonging like we are family to them!
You want Fabian and his team working with you when the unimaginable happens! I'm so glad they are there for us!

Thanks to Paul and Fabian.   They were fast and professional.  I can't say enough good things about the company.  My insurance company recommended them and helped me with my water damage.  They cleaned our mess up in 2 hours in the middle of the night.  SERVPRO of San Mateo is a great company to go with.

These guys are the best at what they do... I had major water damage in my house and they came in right away with a plan to address the issue.  Fabian was my project manager, absolutely wonderful and professional.  He was there for me every step of the way, answered all of my calls no matter the time, could not have asked for a better manager to handle my situation.  I highly recommend Fabian and his team.  Thank you guys, could not have gotten through my terrible situation without you!!

These guys work hard, anytime you get a chance to buy them coffee or lunch, please do so, they too often work through lunch and multiple jobs a day.

I had a new dishwasher installed recently and the installer didn't connect the water line properly.  It ended up flooding our kitchen floor and ruined my hardwood floors.  Insurance paid for the damages but it was a really stressful experience.  The adjuster recommended I use SERVPRO of San Mateo to dry out my floors and they ended up minimizing the damages and saving a portion of the floors.  Even though the water damage and flooding were stressful, SERVPRO San Mateo saving a portion of my floors was a silver lining.  

I called them and they took care of some water that spilled out of my mothers busted water heater at her home in Burlingame. They responded within an hour.

These guys are great, my crawl space beneath my place had slowly filled with water from a small leaky pipe over a period of time. The crew responded promptly & arrived that day to pressure wash the area and have it sprayed down with chemicals to prevent any future mold growth. It saved me a lot of hassle having professionals do this job for me. Also, the price was on the cheaper side compared to another company I had received an estimate from. I would highly recommend.

A pipe connected to my mom's water heater broke and flooded her garage. Logan at SERVPRO San Mateo was really helpful and responsive. They extracted the water and set up a lot of fans. He showed me where the walls were affected and dried the garage and walls. When he was finished he showed me how dry everything was with his moisture meter. Thank you very much Logan and SERVPRO, you really helped out during an anxious situation.